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Smart. Straightforward. Scientific. Supportive. Decree is an inclusive skincare line designed by Dr Anita Sturnham to support skin of any age, type or concern, through a concise range of multi-tasking products. Decree contains everything your skin needs to thrive and nothing it doesn’t. Drawn from years of successfully treating skin issues in her London clinic, the Decree range brings science backed minimalism to skincare, with everything you need to balance and nourish your skin contained within a streamlined AM, PM, WEEKLY and SOS regimen. The product ingredients and formulations are optimised when used together, as well as being gentle enough to be incorporated into your existing routine. Start your skin journey today.

Behind the Brand

Dr Anita Sturnham

An experienced GP specialising in Dermatology, Dr. Anita has practiced for nearly 20 years in both NHS and private practices, including her own London based clinic, Nuriss. Add to her wealth of experience, ambassador for Unilever, Proctor and Gamble and Sebamed brands, as well as sharing her expertise on television and health and beauty events across the UK for over a decade.

Dr. Anita has drawn from this, as well as her experience with thousands of patient's skin, to develop Decree skincare.

"I wanted to create skincare that truly makes a difference"
Dr Anita Sturnham

"I have been working with patients in clinic for nearly 20 years, helping them to overcome complex skincare issues and guiding them to discover their healthiest ever skin. Time and again, I see that the best results are only achieved with repeated daily applications of targeted ingredients - consistency is truly fundamental to success.

When I talk to clients and investigate the sources of their skin problems, more often than not we discover that how they are using their existing products - what they are combining them with, when they apply them and how much they use - is doing more harm than good. That inspired me to create a skincare line that delivers strong but gentle, transformative skincare actives in measured, easy-to-use doses. We aim to make it easy to understand how to care for your skin, and help you to avoid the wild claims and gimmicks of the beauty industry.

Decree strips back traditional complicated cosmeceutical skincare regimes to a set of luxurious, highly effective products that deliver results, no matter what your skin type."

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